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New Company

Opening a new Fire Extinguisher Servicing Company

SAQCC Fire does not deal with companies, or the registration of companies. Our mandate is to register fire extinguisher servicing technicians in terms of their competency.

In order to service fire extinguishers, the company must have a SANS 1475 permit – so your first port of call should be one of the Department of Employment and Labour approved accreditation bodies, BSISABS or SACAS, which deal with all the company side of things. 

In addition, you MUST have a registered competent person in place, with a letter confirming such, which the accreditation body will require to see when making their audit of the workshop.  This is where the SAQCC Fire comes in.  This “competent person” letter does not entitle the company to commence servicing.  Registration will ONLY take place once SAQCC Fire has received confirmation, in writing, of the permit being issued,  at which time SAQCC Fire will issue the registration letter and card. Only once the technician is actually registered can he commence servicing. 

You will need to employ a technician who was previously registered with SAQCC Fire-1475,  this is a Re-Registration. Please return the form with all the requested documents with the exception of the 1475 SANS permit [wpdm_package id=’964′]

In circumstances where it is someone who has been registered as a trainee, he must have completed his minimum six months on the job training,  had his papers signed off by the company who had employed him as a registered trainee and is ready to become registered.  In this instance, it would be a New Registration.  Please return the form with all the requested documents with the exception of the SANS 1475 permit [wpdm_package id=’963′]

Contact Details for the accreditation bodies 

Please click on the below icon that corresponds with the registration body you would like to contact.